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Vehicles should not park in the same location each time to prevent ruts from forming under the wheels.  This is especially important for the first 4 - 6 weeks after paving.

Heavy vehicles, such as RV's and larger trucks, should have their weight dispersed over a larger area by placing a sheet of plywood or small plank under each wheel.

Motorcycle kickstands should not come in direct contact with the asphalt to prevent holes being punched in the surface.
Motor Oil - A thin coat of neutralizing liquid should be applied over the affected area(s) using a push or corn broom.  Neutralizers are available from local building supply centers.

Stronger Liquids such as gasoline, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc. - should be hosed off as soon as possible after they are detected.  Contact Metro Paving to have someone inspect the area to suggest ways of repairing the damaged area(s) before extensive damage occurs requiring major repairs.

Washing Vehicles on the driveway - Wait three to four weeks before washing a vehicle on the driveway.  Stronger detergents used for cleaning tires, polishing chrome, etc., although not damaging to the driveway, have a bleaching effect.  If these types of products are used care should be taken to prevent them from remaining on the driveway.
Metro Paving recommends that an APPROVED protective sealcoat be applied 8 - 12 months after initial paving and every second year after that.  This will help protect your driveway against the effects of motor oil, salt, detergents used to wash vehicles, the suns rays, etc., and also enhances its appearance.  Caution should be used, as there are products available, which do not provide the desired effect and may adversely affect the warranty of the driveway.
To ensure an APPROVED product is correctly applied please contact METRO PAVING AT 864-3727 to schedule an appointment.

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